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How AdRoll Helps Us With Retargeting

Watch this video to see how we leverage the tools and services provided by AdRoll, one of the leading retargeting platforms. “Retargeting is powerful. It adds a lot of value on the branding side, and on the direct-marketing side, it’s within reach of virtually all advertisers.” – Terry Whalen, Founder & CEO of CPC Search.

Video: Ad Hacking for Startups via AdRoll

Terry joins a panel at AdRoll’s HQ to discuss advanced growth techniques in the context of search and retargeting. Catch Terry’s responses at the following times in the video: 4:05 to 4:30, 9:13 to 10:44, 12:12 to 14:10, 20:38 to 21:20, 23:18 to 25:56.

4 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask an Agency

Thanks to AdRoll for featuring Terry’s Q&A on their blog: Q: What are the biggest challenges facing agencies with the availability of do-it-yourself advertising? A (Terry): The question implies that online advertising is easy, or at least that it has gotten easier over time. And, to a certain degree, it’s true. For example, AdRoll’s platform is very…

Retargeting on Facebook has arrived!

When folks ask us if retargeting is a good idea, we usually say yes, it’s a no-brainer. But for our clients who want the real scoop on retargeting, we try to set expectations by letting them know retargeting can add incremental conversions but won’t bring in much more than 5-10% of the program’s overall conversions;…