PPC Case Study: GotBody

GotBody is an authorized distributor for well-known brands like Power Bar, Gu, Clif, 5-Hour Energy and a plethora of additional manufacturers of energy, health, and wellness products. GotBody sells hundreds if not thousands of sku’s which can make managing a paid search program difficult and time-consuming.  Very simply, GotBody tasked CPC Search with increasing revenue and decreasing costs.  Within the first 5 months of taking over management of the account we were able to increase revenue by 16% while decreasing overall costs by 17%.

First 5 months of SEM program:

  • Revenue up 16%
  • Costs down 17%

Our work has included combining AdWords accounts, turning on AdWords conversion tracking to supplement Google Analytics e-commerce tracking, doing additional testing of broad match keywords, and expanding Bing and Yahoo activity.  We have also recently begun to aggressively test the Google Content Network for GotBody. Going forward our focus is on increasing order and revenue volume while keeping costs in line.

eCommerce PPC Case Study