NYTimes: Facebook Revamps Ads to Compete with Google

For Little Passports, a mail-based subscription service for kids, Facebook has delivered way more customers than anyone could have expected.

We were able to see early on just how well the campaigns were performing by reading comments from engaged moms, grandmothers, aunts and best friends, all gushing about the concept.

Just last week, the NY Times featured Little Passports in a piece titled Facebook Revamps Ads to Compete With Google:

In June, Little Passports spent about $30,000 on Facebook ads and the company’s revenue for the month was about $130,000. By the end of the year, the company’s monthly advertising spending on Facebook had grown to as much as $150,000 and its revenue for December was $700,000.

Amy Norman, co-CEO, acknowledged this was a huge amount of money to spend customer acquisition, but added, “We also tripled our customer base in six months.”

It’s an incredible growth story and portrays Little Passports as a true poster-child for Facebook advertising. It just goes to show, an awesome product combined with an accessible audience that loves to talk, can be all you need.