Facebook’s Page Post Ads: Path to Riches?

In case you missed it, here is Joey’s FBPPC.com piece on the topic of Facebook’s Page Post Ads. We’re having success these days with Page Post ads, especially for ecommerce clients. But these ad units are definitely not set-it-and-forget-it! You need to monitor your posts diligently in order to maintain your highest possible conversion rates (and to protect your brand’s image).

A well-formed page post consists of a big image, a simple, clear message with a call-to-action, and a link to an external URL (your website). The image needs to pop because you’re competing with all the other photos in the news feed; your message needs to make your brand likable; the call-to-action should be clear; and the link must lead to a landing page that reiterates everything in the ad (image, message and call-to-action).

As you can see, the Facebook page post is lot like a paid search ad where we combinesearch intent with a well-written ad followed by a super-relevant landing pageto seal the deal. The main difference is we don’t have search intent on Facebook – instead we have behavioral targeting parameters. Add to that an eye-grabbing image and social proof (comments/likes) and we have a very compelling ad unit placed squarely where people spend most of their time online. Can you say “full-screen-takeover?!”



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