Facebook’s Innovations and Revenues by Quarter

Back in November 2013, we wrote about Facebook’s innovations alongside revenue earnings by quarter. With another quarter passed, it’s time to update that graphic. (Spoiler alert: the latest numbers are huge!)

In Q4 2013, Facebook revamped its ads creation flow to make it easier for advertisers to align ads with their business goals. Known as objective-based ad creation, this innovation was a big help to smaller advertisers who might have been confused by Facebook’s previous ads flow. Performance charts also aligned with objectives to show only what mattered most to a given advertiser. For the first time, one could focus on key performance metrics and not need to import data into Excel to construct meaningful charts.

Another key innovation for Q4 was mobile app deep linking, where a travel brand could create ads for luxury vacation deals and send clicks directly to the luxury section of its mobile app. This innovation may take longer to impact Facebook revenues, but it does provide a missing link for app makers and helps strengthen the bond between Facebook and third party developers.

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