Conversion optimization case study

Our client, JumpStart, has earned the trust of more than 30 million parents over the last 20 years with their award winning virtual world games designed for kids age 3-12. The goal for this particular landing page test was to improve conversion rates for one of their online titles.

Test results
Total visitors served: 1,682
Total conversions: 664
Conversions defined by: short form registrations
Statistical significance: 98.4%
Improvement over original: +17.1%

Landing page conversion optimization — our thoughts
For this test we spotted right away there were too many things to do on the original page, and more to do means less gets done. Combining the two boxes for introduction and signup into one box is not only a visually pleasing consolidation but a reduction in friction— now there’s just one thing to do: fill out the form! Further, the name of the game on the left side looked more like navigational elements than anything else. Consolidating them clears this up and doesn’t lead to unnecessary clicks.

Landing page test: original page

Original page


Landing page test: variation page

Variation page


Landing page optimization results