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Free SEM Account Audits, Come and Get ‘Em

We typically spend an hour or two analyzing the account, recording our observations (we use an Excel template to help us keep our ppc audits clear, concise, and thorough), and then summarizing our thoughts on the opportunities for optimization and growth for the paid search account.

PPC Impressions & Clicks Decreasing – Q & A

I recently answered a forum post from a person experiencing lower impressions and clicks for his FL-based business over the last 6 months. His question was how to determine why his traffic and conversions were down. This seems like a fairly common question. Here is my answer.

Use AdWords Editor

Download and use AdWords Editor (AE) for: bid optimization; ad creation and optimization; creating new campaigns; adding kw’s in bulk to multiple campaigns and ad groups; modifying destination URLs for conversion tracking, and much more. Download AdWords Editor here.

Start Simple!

Start simple and small, and go where the data takes you. PPC is an iterative activity. The data determines next steps. If you started with one campaign composed of five ad groups, expand the ad groups that show click and conversion activity and leave the others for later. Over time, advance to complex and large.…