A second look at Sitelinks in light of Enhanced Campaigns

In case you missed it, here is a snippet of Joey’s post this week on PPC Associates’ blog.

Years ago when Google first introduced sitelinks, my reaction was a bit lukewarm. I tested sitelinks for a few clients, but CTRs were largely unaffected, and results were hard to measure with block-level reporting. I found myself telling folks, “Don’t worry about sitelinks, nobody clicks on them.”

But then I came around. I began to realize it did not matter if folks clicked on them. In fact, when folks did not click on sitelinks, this was absolutely fine –sometimes even preferred.
Old Sitelinks Block Level Reporting
While Googlers claim higher CTRs using sitelinks, improved CTR may not the biggest benefit to using them. With 4 to 6 additional lines, at 35 max characters per line, we should think of sitelinks as an opportunity to say what we couldn’t say in standard ads. This is really the big gift and a no-brainer.

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