A Guide to Mastering Google’s Product Listing Ads

In case you missed it — and just in time for the holiday shopping season — here is a snippet of Joey’s post Master Product Listing Ads on PPC Associates’ blog.

After nearly six months of declining Google Shopping-related traffic, changes to the Google Shopping model, and an industry-wide scramble to recoup lost revenue, ecommerce advertisers are showing signs of resilience. There is evidence of lower CPCs, higher profit margins, and rising spirits across marketing departments that not long ago scrambled to answer the question, “Where did our Google Shopping revenue go?”

October 1st marked the completion of a six-month transition from free listings to Google’s pay-to-play solution known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs). While many advertisers have already transitioned, some folks are just learning about PLAs for the first time. Let’s do a quick recap of how we got here and then look at some best practices for mastering this new solution.

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