What You Need To Know About Facebook WCA

About 2 months ago, Facebook rolled out their own remarketing solution called WCA, or Website Custom Audiences. For most of us, remarketing (also called retargeting) is not a new concept: someone visits your website, you drop a cookie on his device, and then you serve him ads as he moves around the web. WCA is implemented in exactly the same way, but what sets WCA apart from other remarketing solutions are Facebook’s rich targeting overlays and lookalike audience creation.

Let’s say your client, JCREW, has a WCA audience of 100,000 people who recently visited their shopping cart. Now that summer is just around the corner, you want to launch a swimwear promotion on last year’s bikinis which were very popular among teens. You start with your WCA audience of 100k, and you overlay FEMALES age 13-19. Now let’s apply geo-targeting for coastal states only, because that’s where sales were strongest last year. Finally, you know there is a strong correlation between your target audience and Lady Gaga, so you overlay Lady Gaga as an Interest. After all of the overlays, your audience may be significantly smaller, but your conversion rates may be higher than ever for that promotion.

Okay, so instead of narrowing your WCA audience, let’s say you want to expand on it. This really couldn’t be easier. Select your WCA audience and click the button to Create Lookalike Audience. Next, choose your options (target country and size of audience). Tip: go BIG for reach and use appropriate overlaying as described above to narrow your audience into management chunks.

Lastly, Facebook allows us to leverage their entire suite of ad units when targeting WCA audiences. This is nice when you want to slow-burn folks with more subtle right-hand side ads or get in their faces with mobile newsfeed ads (full-screen-takeovers) or even mobile installs. Tweak bids and budgets as you see fit for your particular audience and placements.

What are your thoughts on Facebook WCA?

  • WCA has revolutionised the way we can build our audiences quickly for targeting. Also, being able to re-targeting purely through Facebook, instead of using AdRoll, for example, makes things alot easier!