Retargeting on Facebook has arrived!

When folks ask us if retargeting is a good idea, we usually say yes, it’s a no-brainer. But for our clients who want the real scoop on retargeting, we try to set expectations by letting them know retargeting can add incremental conversions but won’t bring in much more than 5-10% of the program’s overall conversions; likewise, it won’t cost much either.

But this could all change as Facebook, the world’s most popular website, opens its perennially-closed doors to ad exchanges, which in turn will allow advertisers and agencies like ours to reach the coveted Facebook user. Did you know Americans spend more than 100k years on Facebook each month?* Talk about a no-brainer! The special door opening up is called Facebook Exchange, or FBX, and the marketing partners who can help you get started are listed in the PMD Directory.

So, how well has Facebook retargeting worked out for us so far? It’s early days, and our cookie pools are still gathering members, but stay tuned — things are looking good so far.

* Source: VentureBeat