PPC Case Study: Bill.com

Bill.com delivers collaborative online bill payment for businesses via a Saas subscription model. (Bill.com’s founder, René Lacerte, also founded PayCycle, a company that was recently sold to Intuit for $170 million.) Bill.com uses Google AdWords to generate qualified enterprise sales leads and to acquire customers for their on-demand, self-service platform.

PPC Case Study: Bill.com

PPC Case Study: Bill.com

CPC Search took over Bill.com’s paid search efforts recently, and within the first 3 months we achieved dramatically improved results:

  • Conversions up 172%
  • Cost-per-conversion down 67%
  • Converting keywords up 144%

Our primary areas of focus in the first 3 months have included new keyword discovery, adding match types, organizing campaigns into more tightly-focused ad groups, and making sure ads are written to increase both CTR and even more importantly conversion rates. We also suggested that the client focus less on overall monthly budget and more on acquiring as many conversions as possible while keeping within a maximum target CPA.  We also determined – after much testing – that for Bill.com, the Google Search Partner network delivers a lower quality user and lower converting clicks, so we decided to shut this inventory off.  This is still a new client for us, so it’s “onward and upward” from here!

Discussion — One Response

  • Jeff Schultz August 16, 2009 on 9:21 pm

    Terry’s work has been amazing. More important than all the numbers (and the numbers are important) is that we now have a measurable model in place that allows us to invest more in advertising with predictable results. Before these changes, I could increase budget but not increase conversions. That has now changed, and I can also see an increase in conversion quality. One of the key lessons we learned is that CPC search takes care and feeding by people that live and breath it all day long, so we’re happy to have Terry on board with us.