How AdRoll Helps Us With Retargeting

Watch this video to see how we leverage the tools and services provided by AdRoll, one of the leading retargeting platforms. “Retargeting is powerful. It adds a lot of value on the branding side, and on the direct-marketing side, it’s within reach of virtually all advertisers.” – Terry Whalen, Founder & CEO of CPC Search.

Facebook’s Innovations and Revenues by Quarter

Back in November 2013, we wrote about Facebook’s innovations alongside revenue earnings by quarter. With another quarter passed, it’s time to update that graphic. (Spoiler alert: the latest numbers are huge!) In Q4 2013, Facebook revamped its ads creation flow to make it easier for advertisers to align ads with their business goals. Known as…

NYTimes: Facebook Revamps Ads to Compete with Google

For Little Passports, a mail-based subscription service for kids, Facebook has delivered way more customers than anyone could have expected. We were able to see early on just how well the campaigns were performing by reading comments from engaged moms, grandmothers, aunts and best friends, all gushing about the concept. Just last week, the NY Times…

Facebook Lookalikes: Do They Look Like They Should?

In the 9 months that lookalike audiences have prevailed as one of the go-to targeting options for sophisticated Facebook advertisers, I’ve seen excellent performance by and large. However, I’ve also seen rather poor performance on a few occasions for reasons that have eluded me until only recently. If you’re not familiar with lookalikes in Facebook,…

Video: Ad Hacking for Startups via AdRoll

Terry joins a panel at AdRoll’s HQ to discuss advanced growth techniques in the context of search and retargeting. Catch Terry’s responses at the following times in the video: 4:05 to 4:30, 9:13 to 10:44, 12:12 to 14:10, 20:38 to 21:20, 23:18 to 25:56.