PPC Case Study: GotBody

GotBody is an authorized distributor for well-known brands like Power Bar, Gu, Clif, 5-Hour Energy and a plethora of additional manufacturers of energy, health, and wellness products. GotBody sells hundreds if not thousands of sku’s which can make managing a paid search program difficult and time-consuming.  Very simply, GotBody tasked CPC Search with increasing revenue…

Paid Search – Process Over Planning

Great article written by George Mitchie at SearchEngineLand.com about paid search being more about process than planning.  It’s worth reading – here is the starting paragraph: Many times we’re asked to present a plan for the next 30 – 60 – 90 days of a paid search program. This makes a great deal of sense…

PPC Case Study: JumpStart

JumpStart is an award-winning adventure-based 3D virtual world that is fun for kids yet also teaches math, reading, and critical thinking skills so kids get a real jump start in life. JumpStart was the 2008 winner for the National Parenting Seal of Approval and its nationally-recognized software is sold in Wal-Mart and other large retailers.…

Free SEM Account Audits, Come and Get ‘Em

We typically spend an hour or two analyzing the account, recording our observations (we use an Excel template to help us keep our ppc audits clear, concise, and thorough), and then summarizing our thoughts on the opportunities for optimization and growth for the paid search account.

PPC Impressions & Clicks Decreasing – Q & A

I recently answered a forum post from a person experiencing lower impressions and clicks for his FL-based business over the last 6 months. His question was how to determine why his traffic and conversions were down. This seems like a fairly common question. Here is my answer.