Google AdWords Editor – Feature Wish List

As many SEM pros know, Google AdWords Editor is a fantastic tool for managing Google paid search accounts. The Google AdWords user interface folks visited our offices a few months back to see how we use AE and how the software might be improved. Here was the pre-meeting ‘wish list’ we wrote up for them as part of their study.

Google AdWords Editor Screenshot

Google AdWords Editor Screenshot

  • Keyword Grouper tool – have option to focus on words in addition to ‘ignore these words’.  I’ve seen this tool output too many ad groups; Sometimes there are many more words you’d want the tool to ignore compared to words you want them to focus on; the user would then choose which list is shorter, and work with that list.
  • Edit selected keywords – after user inputs max cpc bid, automatically have cursor default back to row so user can hit down arrow and keep trucking on bids (without having to click mouse or hit shift+tab 3 times to get back to row)
  • Advanced Search settings – have advanced search settings auto-erase after ‘all’ view is picked (easy for user to forget that something is there)
  • Download speeds – have AE download data faster for large accounts (big spend accounts vs. large dataset accounts)
  • Navigation Tree – when user clicks on tree, have cursor default to right-hand row; if user isn’t finished navigating where they want to go on tree, they can use mouse (users don’t want to down-arrow or up-arrow on trees as much as they want to do this with rows, after they’ve picked ad groups or campaigns via the tree)
  • Data – include option to download dynamic revenue and ROAS values.  Some of the larger clients are ecommerce folks, and this functionality would help so much (same goes for web interface)
  • Advanced bidding – option to use ‘average CPC’ as a reference point for changing bids
  • Ability to highlight rows of data and see sums and/or averages
  • Ads – ability to look at ad data in AE same way you can do in web interface

Anyone agree with these or disagree? Or have additional ideas?

  • Some nice ideas Terry. I would like to see ad scheduling built into AdWords Editor. It’s a nightmare trying to set it up in the online interface if you have more than a handful of campaigns.