Free SEM Account Audits, Come and Get ‘Em

Hello Friends,

This week it looks like we will be doing about 3 SEM account audits, which is fun for us because: 1) we get to look at something new, and 2) we typically give some good insights and specific feedback that will help the advertiser save money, expand their campaigns, or both. And that makes us feel useful. Also, it can lead to a new client. We have years of experience managing paid search programs for large and small companies, with annual spends of $100,000 to $5 million. We bring that experience to bear when we perform a paid search audit. For those who may be interested, just visit our Free PPC Audit page and sign up.sample ppc audit image

The only work on the advertiser’s part is to send a login or invitation to access the AdWords account. (Naturally, we are more than happy to sign an NDA.) Once we get that, we typically spend an hour or two analyzing the account, recording our observations (we use an Excel template to help us keep our ppc audits clear, concise, and thorough), and then summarizing our thoughts on the opportunitiesfor optimization and growth. ┬áMany times, the audit leads to a new client – but it doesn’t have to – we have a “no strings” policy when it comes to our free ppc account audits.

So, go ahead and take us up on our offer. As I like to say “there is no downside, only upside.”