Five Lessons Learned In Marketing From The Financial Industry

In case you missed it, here is a post on featuring a nice call out to our VP, Joey Muller.

Whatever your business or service is, a successful marketingcampaign involves driving traffic to your website and then onsite conversion. Without those two actions, your company is dead in the water.

The financial industry is among the most dedicated service industries in managing their marketing. Here are 5 valuable lessons to learn from their successful strategies:

Simplify every step of the sales funnel. Remove steps, minimize forms, add confidence builders and ensure progress is clearly signposted for the prospective customer to minimize drop-out. And if your website has a remarketing pixel placed on all of its product pages throughout the site when someone drops off without making a purchase you can serve an advertisement to them for that specific product over a 30-day timespan. Experts in direct-response marketing, like Joey Muller, an expert in online direct marketing at Sum Digital, says “Don’t only ‘prospect’ for customers; with the right platform you can re-engage users who have already shown an interest in your products or services. Use remarketing techniques to close more customers.”

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Thanks to Steve Olenski at Forbes!