Expanding Match Types with adCenter Desktop is a Breeze

About a month ago, Microsoft’s GM for adCenter, David Pann, said, “I have a motto — adCenter needs to enable advertisers to do in 15 minutes what they do on Google in 45 minutes.”

We stumbled upon one of those improvements and thought we’d share it with you.

In adCenter Desktop, when you have a large group of broad match keywords that you would like to create phrase and exact match versions for, the long method to do this is to select your keywords, copy and paste into your ad group, change their match types, and repeat the process until you have what you need.

A much faster way to accomplish this, thanks to a nice shortcut in adCenter Desktop — which Google’s AdWords Editor cannot boast — is to right-click on a keyword or group of keywords, choose Add Match Type, and click All. The result is pretty slick: instant keyword match type expansion! But wait… it gets better.

adcenter desktop add all match types
adCenter was keeping track of search queries, categorizing them as broad, phrase or exact, and assigning data to each match type without you even knowing it. Now you can view performance statistics to see data for each of the new match types. For example, splitting out a broad match keyword that earned 100 conversions last month could reveal 45 conversions came from the exact match version, 25 from the phrase match, and the rest from broad. This is great information to have, and all you needed to do was “unhide” it.

Before you call it a day, you need to do one more thing. Since AdCenter automatically assigns the ad group’s default bid to these new match types, you’ll need to set new bids accordingly. It’s a bit tedious, but well worth the time — your account will love you!