Crowdsourcing in PPC

We have enjoyed putting BoostCTR to work on ad copy refreshes recently. After all, writing copy is an art, so why not let expert copywriters take a shot? If you advertise on Google AdWords but struggle to find fresh text ads for your business, BoostCTR may be just the ticket.

This got us thinking about other ways crowdsourcing has crept into PPC. In another post, we likened PPC to a Stereo System, describing how each stereo component is equally important to delivering good sound, with the speakers at the end playing a crucial role similar to landing pages. We suspect crowdsourcing will soon find its way into landing page creation, but for now we’re happy to see companies like Unbounce tackling the ever-important issue of landing page design and hosting.

Then there’s the crowdsourced PPC platform, Trada, which seems to be a good entry into PPC for smaller advertisers without a lot of time and resources. They might not get the strategy they’d receive working with a dedicated agency or bringing it in-house, but they’ll have a portfolio of optimization experts working hard on their behalf.

As a PPC agency, we welcome innovation in a field where there are a lot of levers to be pulled. We hope to come across more opportunities to leverage experts who may not physically be in our office but are still definitely on our team.

Know any more examples of crowdsourcing in PPC? Let us know!

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