CPC Search is now Sum Digital

CPC Search has been delivering innovative digital marketing services since 2005. Now by expanding our creative services beyond Search to impact all the digital channels in your life, Sum Digital is taking innovative companies to the next level. CPC Search is now Sum Digital.

As the digital marketing landscape evolves, with Google, Facebook, and other tech titans, digital continues to out grow Search. It is now the meeting of new technologies and creativity in one visual enriching experience. Where companies can engage more efficiently and effectively with consumers. And Sum Digital can lead the way.

Take our technology. Our newly developed automated reporting system, Reportly, does what Google cannot. It places all the right metrics in one easy to digest format in the body of an email. Over 200 advertisers use it daily to keep tabs on their campaigns, some even before their first sip of coffee.

And now take our creative. Clients asked for creative services. We delivered. Our new fabulous in-house creative team cranks out impactful creative ad units for display and social campaigns. What does this mean for you? Beautiful ad units that convert on every platform.

Despite these digital marketing changes, Google AdWords continues to be a successful channel for customer acquisition with amazing new features and targeting opportunities. And paid search still is, and will remain, one of our core areas of expertise.

We are thought leaders in Search. We hit targets with expertise and experience across all your favorite verticals. And we’re developing new technologies while offering knockout creative services. Sum Digital is evolving digital marketing. With each channel, with each touch-point, it all adds up. Clearly, a well-run digital advertising program is much more than the sum of its parts.

Come visit Sum Digital at our new location in SOMA. We’ll partner up on ping-pong and new business ventures.