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A recap on the effects of ad position

We talk about ad position quite a bit with our clients. Since it is somewhat misunderstood, we thought we would remind you what ad position does and does not do for your advertising. Does ad position affect click-through rates (CTR)? Yes. Does ad position affect your campaign’s cost? Yes. Do ads in the top ad…

SEM for CMOs (and those who work with them)

I just submitted a rather hastily-written pitch for SMX East, the session title of which is ‘Search Engine Marketing for CMOs’. Here is the pitch! SEM has grown very fast in terms of click spend and sophistication for several years running. The Google AdWords interface (both web and AE) continues to get more jam-packed with…

PPC Ad Optimization & Statistical Significance

This is a good article by Bradd Libby at The Search Agency in Los Angeles. I hear good things about TSA, and this article is another positive indicator that these guys know what they are doing. Click here to read: (PPC Ad) Statistical Significance: Not Just for Geeks Anymore on SearchEngineLand.

Paid Search – Process Over Planning

Great article written by George Mitchie at about paid search being more about process than planning.  It’s worth reading – here is the starting paragraph: Many times we’re asked to present a plan for the next 30 – 60 – 90 days of a paid search program. This makes a great deal of sense…

Call to Action

Remember ad text basics: highlight the advertiser value proposition; incorporate relevant ad group kw’s within ad text; use a compelling offer (e.g. $10 off purchases of $50+); and include a call-to-action or implied call-to-action (e.g. Learn how to improve your PPC campaigns – Free white paper).

Simple Account Structure

A simple account structure benefits day-to-day navigation, management and bid optimization. Consider separate campaigns for breaking out geo-targets, differentiating between different target metrics, or for reporting purposes. Always run Content campaigns separately. This is acknowledged best practices, since Content is an altogether different medium vs. Search.

Start Simple!

Start simple and small, and go where the data takes you. PPC is an iterative activity. The data determines next steps. If you started with one campaign composed of five ad groups, expand the ad groups that show click and conversion activity and leave the others for later. Over time, advance to complex and large.…