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Expanding Match Types with adCenter Desktop is a Breeze

About a month ago, Microsoft’s GM for adCenter, David Pann, said, “I have a motto — adCenter needs to enable advertisers to do in 15 minutes what they do on Google in 45 minutes.” We stumbled upon one of those improvements and thought we’d share it with you. In adCenter Desktop, when you have a…

Our AdWords Wishlist, Part 2

Part 2 in our series of suggestions for an improved Google AdWords user interface: show a row for aggregate totals on the Segments / Time View. As indicated in our screenshot below the interface should include a row for aggregate totals at the top of the page (e.g. so you can see the by-week, by-ad group or by-campaign data,…

Keyword Match Types, Keyword Bids, & the Google AdWords Auction

A current client of ours asked a great question around search queries, bids, and match types. We thought we’d share an edited version of this Q & A. Client: My understanding is that in general, exact match keywords are the most efficient match types in terms of average CPCs and impression share. Thus, in general,…

Our AdWords Wishlist, Part 1

Part 1 in our suggestions for an improved Google AdWords user interface: show totals on the dimensions tab! We have actually spoken to the AdWords product folks at Google about this and thought we would share it with you, too. We honestly cannot figure out why Google omitted this feature. Can you?

PPC Advice from the Google AdWords Agency Team (sucks)

As an SEM agency we have a team at Google that supports us. They are cheerful and oftentimes helpful, but when it comes to any kind of PPC analysis, their suggestions are less than useful. Here are excerpts of our feedback on their latest advice relating to one of our clients (to be unnamed). While…

PPC Impressions & Clicks Decreasing – Q & A

I recently answered a forum post from a person experiencing lower impressions and clicks for his FL-based business over the last 6 months. His question was how to determine why his traffic and conversions were down. This seems like a fairly common question. Here is my answer.

Use AdWords Editor

Download and use AdWords Editor (AE) for: bid optimization; ad creation and optimization; creating new campaigns; adding kw’s in bulk to multiple campaigns and ad groups; modifying destination URLs for conversion tracking, and much more. Download AdWords Editor here.