A Case Study for Facebook E-commerce: Race To The Mailbox

Here is an excerpt from our submission for the Facebook Studio Awards 2014.

In June 2013, we spent $30,000 on unpublished Page post ads, bringing in revenue of about $130,000. In July and August we targeted lookalike audiences built from June’s customers, resulting in lower costs per acquisition and allowing us to increase spend month over month. By the end of the year, monthly ad spend on Facebook had reached $150,000, and revenue for December was over $700,000.

From June 2013-January 2014 we logged:
• 16,234,426 unique people reached
• 432,503 people taking actions on our ads or Page
• 56,655 post Likes
• 24,909 post shares
• 3,900 post comments

Read the entire case-study at https://www.facebook-studio.com/gallery/submission/race-to-the-mailbox.