10 Ways to get More from Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

In case you missed it, here is a condensed version of Joey’s post “10 Ways to Get More from Facebook Mobile App Install Ads” on the FBPPC.com blog:

A recent post by Todd Herrold laid out a nice guide for getting started with Facebook’s mobile app install ads. In today’s post, we will look at 10 ways to get more performance from these hot little ad units.

Many of these tips speak to the creative itself, specifically the image you pair with your message. Facebook is largely a platform for sharing and viewing photos, so it makes sense to spend time designing effective images for your ads.

  1. One ad per campaign
  2. One device per ad
  3. Target in broad strokes
  4. Target only wi-fi when necessary
  5. Use all 600×360 pixels
  6. Use phone-in-hand images
  7. Use attractive people
  8. Place text in your image
  9. Refresh your creative
  10. Use oCPM bidding


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